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Welcome to the Journal. We are excited to have a space where we can share a little bit about TWID (Tiffany Weiss Interior Design), project reveals, our process, other industry professionals, and tips and tricks to help you use in your own home! We’ll be posting once a month so check back often to get your monthly dose of fun.

First up is a little intro to our firm and how it came to be… We are small but mighty, and we like it that way! It keeps it personal and we just love getting to know our clients at that level because it really shows in the final outcome and details of the home. The firm started in 2017 in order to focus on residential and boutique commercial design. Tiffany shares her history and how it all started.

‘In junior high I knew I wanted to be in the creative field somehow, and at one point, a teacher recommended I take a drafting class to see how I liked it. I loved working in the archaic version of AutoCAD and was told about Interior Design as a career option, so that’s what I went for! After receiving my Bachelor of Interior Design degree, I had a short stint in Puerto Rico where I landed a freelance job redesigning a corporate office space. I also tutored interior design students along the way.

After moving back to the mainland, I applied at architecture firms and started working with a firm that focused on commercial retail design. At the time, I was so focused on going the commercial route and was not interested in residential at all. After a few years, and a set of circumstances, I ended up with a large corporation on their design team building 3D models and virtual simulations of their retail stores. After working on that team and then moving on to prototype development, and then product development, my small and new family moved out of state where I made the jump to leave the crazy life of corporate and stay at home for a bit.

By nature, I love to stay busy and work, and am quite obsessed with interior design, so I just had to get back at it! However, the thought of going back to corporate and the grind just didn’t seem to fit anymore. This is when I transitioned to primarily residential interiors and opened the firm as it stands today. In the design circle, we joke that residential design is the “wild wild west” in comparison to commercial, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. There is nothing better than bringing sheer joy to a client when they see their new space for the first time.

I plan on living in this design world for as long as I am able. I just can’t express enough how great design can completely change the way a person lives and feels daily! It’s incredible the impact it has. Once a client experiences this new perspective, they finally get it. That’s the best.'

In this day and age, it is so wonderful to have a social media platform to share our world of design to hopefully inspire, and to be inspired by others. We hope this journal comes as another source for readers to gain knowledge and confidence to tackle their own projects, or to gain a level of comfort with our firm if you are new to hiring an interior designer and want to reach out. Either way, thanks for following along!



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